No Safety Compromised, Say Sources as Cong Slams BJP Leader for Allegedly Opening Emergency Exit Door of IndiGo Flight


Last Updated: January 18, 2023, 14:21 IST

The aircraft, which was on the ground, was subject to mandatory engineering checks before it flew to Tiruchirapalli that day (PTI) .

A senior official at aviation regulator DGCA on Tuesday said the event was duly reported and that no safety was compromised

Amid reports of a passenger allegedly opening the emergency exit door of an IndiGo flight before takeoff, the Karnataka Congress on Wednesday levelled fresh allegations against BJP leader Tejasvi Surya and claimed that he was the one behind it. According to reports, the exit was accidentally opened by the passenger after boarding the flight at Chennai airport last month.

Congress questioned why BJP was silent on the matter and “hid the incident for so long”. Neither Surya nor his office have reacted to the allegations so far. “Tejasvi Surya is an example of what will happen if children playing games are given the proprietorship. An act of children’s mischief by trying to open the emergency exit door of the plane has come to light. Why prank with the lives of passengers?” Karnataka Congress said.

Meanwhile, AICC general secretary in-charge of Karnataka Randeep Singh Surjewala in a tweet said, “The BJP VIP Brats ! How dare the airline complain? Is it the norm for the BJP power elite? Did it compromise passenger safety? Ohhh! U can’t ask questions about BJP’s entitled VIP’s !”

Pointing some questions against BJP and the Civil Aviation Ministry, Congress said, “Why has the Ministry of Aviation not taken action on the incident even after a month of pranking on the plane? This is a punishable and serious case, why was it covered up? What is the compensation for the delay and loss of other passengers due to his mischief?”

Sources at the Civil Aviation Ministry reacted to the matter on Wednesday and said that the emergency exit was accidentally opened while the flight was still on the ground. IndiGo airlines assured that the crew took note and subsequently, all appropriate action such as reinstalling of door, pressurization check etc were carried out before takeoff.

“What was the MP’s intention? What plans were there to create a disaster? Why was he transferred to the back seat after apologising?,” the Congress asked, while questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi as to who would have been responsible for the disaster if this “prank” had been carried out after take-off.

Questioning whether the MP used his good offices to suppress this news, Congress MLA and KPCC’s Communications in-charge Priyank Kharge tweeted, “Why is Indigo so hesitant to name the passenger? Why didn’t they report to DGCA? Why is No Comments from the MP? BJP’s Tejasvi Surya allegedly opened emergency exit of IndiGo flight, flight delayed by 2 hours.”

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