Medical Wearable Tech Hits $100 Billion in 2023


“These devices can be worn on the body, most commonly as smartwatches on the wrist or even be incorporated into clothing, and these are often used in conjunction with mobile health apps,” he added. Data from these devices can be transmitted in real-time to healthcare providers, enabling remote monitoring and timely interventions.

Furthermore, these devices offer more consumer-oriented features, such as comprehensive fitness monitoring, personalized coaching, stylish designs, and integration with AI algorithms, enabling proactive self-care.”The recent trends in this market primarily center around the underlying technological advancements of the new product generations. These include the expansion of more health features, the integration of AI for personalized recommendations, and the ability to transmit real-time data to healthcare providers for timely interventions and improved patient outcomes,” Hicks said.

In addition to the wearable devices themselves, the development of healthcare apps that can not only monitor and track various health parameters but also predict outcomes and symptoms based on previous observations, and even provide valuable information to medical professionals, has also been rapidly growing.


Apple and Garmin remain leaders in the smartwatches segment of the wearable technology market for medical purposes, as they were among the first to make wearable devices with fitness trackers and other health-related features.There are also disruptors entering the market with innovative health features, some of which include technology companies such as Asus, Motorola, and Swatch.

“These devices are becoming more integrated into the healthcare industry, especially in patient monitoring, remote training and support, and telehealth services. Some notable advancements include H2O Therapeutics’ app for monitoring Parkinson’s disease symptoms using the Apple Watch,” Hicks said.

Source: IANS

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