India Places 38th in Global Suicide Deaths Report


According to a recent study conducted by the Nur Manzil Psychiatric Centre in Lucknow, India holds the 38th position worldwide in terms of suicide-related fatalities.

The Centre is a chain of psychiatric hospitals under a national mental health care organisation. Organizer of the workshop and clinical psychologist at Nur Manzil, Dr. Anjali Gupta said: “It is important for people to know, especially with growing reports of youths committing suicides these days – that it is not enough to relate the suicides to simply depression.” The report released for public referral and awareness by the psychology department of the establishment focuses on how timely intervention is key to preventing suicides.

Understanding Suicide: A Complex Public Health Challenge Affecting People

It describes suicide as “a complex public health issue affecting people of all the ages, genders, and backgrounds”. Before every suicide, the victims, particularly those suffering from chronic ailment, show symptoms which if understood and taken seriously can help prevent suicide, said experts.

“Patients of chronic diseases suffer between severe and moderate depression levels. If the mood is from severe to moderate things are alright but when this goes from moderate depression to severe level, suicidal tendency can be witnessed,” said Dr. Devashish Shukla, medical superintendent of the Kalyan Singh Super Speciality Cancer Institute and Hospital (KSSSCIH).

Shukla, who is an expert in psychiatry, said: “Among basic symptoms you may notice that a patient has stopped talking to people around him, gets filled with hopelessness and feels tired quickly after doing just a little work. These symptoms become noticeable all of a sudden and without any visible reasons. If so, the family should get alert.”

Source: IANS

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