Ending AIDS in India: Prioritizing Effective Treatment for HIV Patients



Ending AIDS in India: Prioritizing Effective Treatment for HIV Patients

Comprehensive treatment for all HIV-positive individuals, effectively suppressing the virus, is pivotal in curbing transmission and steering India towards an end to AIDS.

“We can end AIDS now as science has shown us the evidence on how to stop the spread of HIV infection and keep people living with HIV healthy. If all people can secure the full range of HIV combination prevention, testing, treatment and care services they need, then we can arrest the further spread of infection along with helping people with HIV lead a healthy and productive life. To end AIDS, we need to ensure that no one is excluded,” said Gilada, President Emeritus at the 15th National Conference of the AIDS Society of India (ASICON 2024).

15th ASICON 2024: Empowering HIV Care through Information

The two-day 15th ASICON, being held in Kochi from March 22-24 is themed ‘Informs, Reforms and Transforms HIV-care’. Out of the estimated 24.67 lakh people living with HIV in India, () 16.80 lakhs are receiving lifesaving antiretroviral therapy, as per a National Aids Control Organization (NACO) report 2023.

About 79 percent of the 24.67 lakh people know their HIV-positive status, 86 percent of those who know they are positive are receiving antiretroviral therapy, and out of those receiving the therapy, 93 percent are virally suppressed.

“Every person with HIV who is on treatment should get the viral load test regularly as it is important to ensure that the person is (and remains) virally suppressed, untransmittable, and healthy,” said Gilada, who was the first person to raise the alarm on HIV in India and established India’s first AIDS Clinic in JJ Hospital Mumbai in 1986.


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