Amazing True Story: Young Man Who Drank Shigella Bacteria Smoothie


He wrote in a post that all participants received two injections, one each in February and March, before the inpatient stay.

“I’m not totally recovered yet. The antibiotics helped tremendously and my fever is gone, but I am still producing a French onion soup from hell every time I go to the bathroom. I’ll spare you all an image, hopefully that metaphor suffices,” he tweeted on April 10.

Eberts said that the trial resulted in the “worst eight hours of my life” — but he would do it all again, only if he was paid. And the University of Maryland agreed to give him US$ 7,000 (Rs. 5,34,943.50).

“I don’t want to make myself out to be Mother Teresa here — would not have done this for free. It’s a big ask to ask someone to get dysentery,” Jack told Insider.

Truth About Shigella Bacteria

Shigella bacteria are the second leading cause of death from diarrhea, number one being rotavirus, for which vaccines are available. People get this disease by drinking contaminated water, eating poorly prepared food, or even after coming into contact with someone’s infected feces.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that Shigella bacteria cause 600,000 deaths a year worldwide. As of now, there is no vaccine available to treat the bacteria that causes the misery. And this trial of poop bacteria or smoothie has been conducted to invent a vaccine and to provide a remedy from the deadly bacteria.

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